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AquaFinesse® is a completely new water treatment method, which gives you wonderfully pure, soft and clean water, with no balancing, no testing, no smell and no worry. Just add one cup a week - that's it! Click for details & to buy online

Product Amount Price £ Quantity
Small Chlorine Tablets 5kg 39.00
Deluxe Chlorine Spa starter kit
Complete starter kit with everything to get you going
- 96.00
Deluxe Bromine Spa starter kit
Complete starter kit with everything to get you going
- 96.00
Stabilised Chlorine Granules
Rapid dissolving - a good sanitiser choice
1.0 kg 8.00
2.0 kg 13.00
5.0 kg 25.50
10.0 kg 49.61
Bromine Tablets
An alternative to chlorine
450g 16.09
1.0 kg 22.00
5.0 kg 56.69
25.0 kg 357.00
Non Chlorine Shock
Oxidiser - destroy odours & restore water quality
1.0 kg 15.50
5.0 kg 45.00
PH minus
Balance chemical - to bring the pH level down
1.5 kg 6.00
7.0 kg 25.00
PH plus
Balance chemical - to bring the pH level up
1.0 kg 4.50
5.0 kg 20.00
TA Plus/Sodium Bicarbonate
For raising total alkalinity of the water
5.0 kg 15.00
Spa Cartridge Cleaner
To make cleaning the filter cartridges easy
1.0 ltr 14.95
Spa Sparkle
To help move fine particles into the filter
1.0 ltr 11.95
Spa No Foam
To prevent & control excessive foaming
1.0 ltr 13.50
Spa No Scale
Use more in hard water areas to protect the equipment from scaling
1.0 ltr 9.50
Bioguard Spa Lite
Clears cloudy water very quickly (don't use spa for 1 hr)
35g 3.00
Bioguard Filter Brite
An alternative way to clean your filter
100g 6.00
Surface Cleaner
To remove 'tide-mark' & to clean spa when empty
1ltr 10.00
3 Way Test Strips - Bromine
Easy to use single dip test strips. Test for total alkalinity, bromine and pH
50 9.99
DPD No.1 Tablets
Test for free chlorine to ensure that you have the right amount of sanitiser in the spa water
100 7.00
Phenol Red Test Tablets
Test the PH levels of spa water
100 7.00
Spazazz Elixir 12oz Bottle
6 Fragrances:
Kiwi Pear
Lavender Palmerosa
Verbina Lime Coconut
Green Tea Peony
White Musk Vanilla Jasmine
Grapefruit Orange
12oz 10.99


Spazazz Elixir ½oz Pillows
Sample pillows in all 12 Spazazz fragrances!
½oz 0.99
Leak Sealer
Repairs small leaks in pools and spas by releasing tiny particles which expand in water becoming insoluble and waterproof.
1ltr 16.00
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