Swimming Pool Chemicals

Hot tub maintenance routine



Daily :

  • Check sanitiser level & dose as required
  • Check pH level & dose as required
  • Clean water line with Waterline Cleaning Paste

Weekly :

  • Oxidise hot tub with Non Chlorine Shock
  • Add Spa Sparkle to help obtain beautifully sparkling water
  • Add No Foam to control foaming
  • If in area of high calcium hardness add No Scale to prevent scale deposits

Monthly :

  • Clean filter cartridge using Cartridge Cleaner
  • Take water sample to check water balance

Periodically :

  • Due to the build up of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) the spa will need completely draining & refilling
  • There are no hard and fast rules as to when this should be done but the following formulation seems to work well in practise:

Tub litres divided by daily bathers divided by 12 = days between draining & refilling

Example : 1200 litres divided by 2 divided by 12 = 50 days